Technology Scoping & Selection

Think you need a new CRM, website, document management, cloud application or online collaboration tool? Maysix Consulting's Scoping & Selection services give you a proven and simple way to explore your goals, discover your needs, and find the solution that is right for your purpose.

Maysix Consulting's 3-stage methodology for scoping and selection has been designed specifically for non-profits and works for all kinds of projects, large or small.

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Stage 1: Explore

Exploring is about developing a clear, shared understanding for relationship management at your organisation and why change is required.


​This stage seeks to bring key stakeholders together, build a common vision for the future database, and identify tangible outcomes expected from the project.


​As we explore, we also identify enablers and blockers of success, dependencies and constraints, as well as project governance and stakeholders engagement needs.

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Stage 2: Discover

Discovering is about getting deeper into the whys and the whats of the future solution. In discovery, business analysis is conducted to develop a detailed scope statement that provides a comprehensive set of capability needs.


As we discover, we define business requirements and priorities. Whilst discovery aims to stay technology-agnostic, best practices and technical considerations are incorporated to inform the scope of the solution.

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Stage 3: Find

Finding is about identifying and choosing the solution that is fit-for-(your)-purpose. This stage seeks to carry out a search and selection process with technology vendors, supported by a structured Request for Proposal process and adequate due diligence.


“Find” is not just about the software or technology platform; this stage also aims to determine the right approach for implementation and adoption, and clarify the full investment required.

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