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Dedicated to the non-profit sector, Maysix Consulting offers a range of services that help you evaluate, plan and deliver technology change for good. 

IT Strategic Planning

Non-­profit organisations operate in an increasingly demanding environment where everyone is competing for purpose, and good digital capabilities are a must-have for successful non-profits.


Align technology to your strategic vision with realistic and actionable plans that show your teams and board how technology will help you deliver positive impact.

With unprecedented access to technology, the imperative to get it right has never been stronger. But beyond the promises of digital disruption, the path to get from here to there is unclear and confusing, and the choice of technology overwhelming.


Whether you are looking for a new CRM, website, document management, cloud application or online collaboration tool, get help in scoping evaluating and choosing solutions that are fit for your purpose.

Technology Scoping & Selection

Maysix Consulting is privileged to work with the following organisations:

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Talk to someone you can trust for good advice on making the right technology choices for your organisation.

Clear + simple

Someone obsessed with making things clear and simple for you so that when it comes to technology, you have the confidence to make the right decisions for your organisation.


Someone with a unique blend of technical, business and project management expertise, rooted in 20+ years of experience, to help you connect the dots between purpose and technology.


Someone with an impartial and honest view, passionate about non-profits’ success, and ready to tell you what you can do – and what you shouldn’t.


Someone who knows and cares about the non-profit sector, speaks your language, and will give you tailored advice that applies specifically to you and your organisation.

Why Maysix
Let's connect

Let's connect

Hi, I’m Angeline Veeneman, founder and consultant at Maysix Consulting. 


After honing my management, technology and business skills in the corporate sector, I started Maysix Consulting to focus on the non-profit sector and haven’t looked back. Since 2012, my work has been driven by a deep desire to make a difference and help the NFP sector create positive impact through technology.

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I’d love to help you with your technology challenges: you can contact me using the form on this page or you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Aside from my work at Maysix Consulting, I am also a Director for the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation, a non-profit patient group dedicated to drive medical research for Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare and fatal childhood disease. We welcome all support: you can visit us at

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Thank you for your message. I am looking forward to talking with you soon.

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